Streamate Cam Review

Overall Rating

  • Payment Methods 70%
  • Camera Quality 84%
  • Women/Men On Offer 90%
  • Number Of Members 100%
  • Costs 95%
  • Languages 68%
  • Customer Service 100%


Streamate is one of the better-populated sites for live cam shows, offering live porn like experience. Streamate offers a huge number of live porn shows and options to suit just about any kink you feel like indulging. What’s better, for all the variety of girls, a consistency in video quality and an extra level of interactivity with remote control toys makes for one of the higher-quality erotic experiences on the web, especially considering the number of free webcams available on Streamate.

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Streamate – First impressions

At a glance, Streamate follows many of the better conventions of modern cam girl websites, offering free webcams and live porn like shows. There’s a gallery of the girls available with a list of categories and a search bar to help you navigate the site more deeply. If you’re bored of dull, repetitive porn, you will definitely enjoy live porn experience on Streamate. However, Streamate offers a live count of how many are free, in total, are live, as well as which categories they fit in. It’s a site built to suit the kink inside everyone and help you find the one girl you can keep visiting again and again.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods Review

There are plenty of live porn like cams available on Streamate. However, for those who want exclusive access or to take a girl private, an account is necessary. Beyond serving as the payment methods, a credit, debit, or prepaid card is required to even set up an account with Streamate. If you are satisfied with free webcams experience than there is no need for you to set up an account with Streamate.  

Camera Quality

Camera Quality Review

For as many different girls there are on the site (often more than 1000) you are bound to experience some differences in the visual fidelity available. However, Streamate consistently offers its high-definition streams of live porn like cams, first ahead of the rest. From the front page of Streamate, you can scroll more than 400 streams deep of free webcams before you start encountering those that are standard definition, taking live porn like experience to the next level.

Women/Men On Offer

Women/Men On Offer Review

Quantity is very much the strength of Streamate and it’s over 1000+ girls active at any one moment, with a huge number of live porn cams available at any point in time, but that doesn’t mean that quality isn’t part of the bargain as well. Free webcams portray some of the best-known cam girls in the business, including award-winning pros, giving you best of the best live porn Streamate site. The categories to the left show how many girls in any one category are available at any time so finding the girl for you isn’t too difficult. You can search whatever satisfies your kink; steaming lesbians, lingerie stripping or Indian hidden cams! And don’t forget, it is mostly free webcams on Streamate, making the offer even more appealing to everyone!


Costs Review

Streamate works on a “pay cash for credit, pay credit for the show” basis just like many other free webcam sites. However, it’s a relief to say that the rate is as simple as £1 = 1 GOLD (their credit currency). The costs-per-minute of each stream depends on the cam girl, of course, but you can expect to pay on average around £3-4 a minute, which makes it one of the more affordable cam sites on the net. Streamate also offers free webcam experience if you want to give it a try before putting in your bank details, giving you a sweet insight into Streamate live porn experience.


Languages Review

The eight languages available on Streamate are the main European options you would expect to see on most. Beyond English, Streamate offers German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish options. Streamate creates a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy live porn exotic experience. 

Customer Service

Customer Service Review

Getting your questions answered on Streamate is simple. The FAQs aren’t the most comprehensive, but they do tackle the most tricky issues that users regularly face with free webcams. Streamate is totally transparent, however, with quick replies and relevant information easily accessed on the other end of a live chat support client. So no matter if your question is related to the quality of live porn experience, poor attitude of users or simply leaving a positive review, Stramate customer service will deal with your request at their best.

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