WhiplrPlayground Cam Review

Overall Rating

  • Payment Methods 90%
  • Camera Quality 50%
  • Women/Men On Offer 60%
  • Number Of Members 55%
  • Costs 50%
  • Languages 60%
  • Customer Service 100%


Naughty and nice to cater for every delightful vice; that’s the best description of WhiplrPlayground. If you’re tired of having to sort through the paltry options on standard sex cam sites for something a little more kink-inspired, then WhiplrPlayground is the solution that you have been waiting for. WhiplrPlayground is a live sex cam site that kink lovers the world over have been waiting for delights with a huge score.

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WhiplrPlayground – First Impressions

A simple colour scheme and plenty of pictures to choose from, there’s no doubt that WhiplrPlayground is a complete feast for the eyes when you first land on the page. The kink aspect is revved up to the max here, so you can leap right in with no holds barred and find the perfect cam babe to thrill your senses with a few simple clicks. Easy to use and intuitive, there’s no need for excessive whip cracking to get WhiplrPlayground to work.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods Review

You’ll need to sign up for the Whiplr app to create an account with WhiplrPlayground and explore the site in depth, but the app is a delight for anyone with a taste for the kinkier side of life, so that shouldn’t be a problem. When you’re all registered with WhiplrPlayground, you can fund your account using a credit card, which is pretty standard.

Camera Quality

Camera Quality Review

WhiplrPlayground camera quality is generally good, with some extraordinary dominatrixes showing off their talents for torment in excellent HD and submissives just waiting for instructions with the same high quality on show. WhiplrPlayground is a high-quality production, and that’s reflected in the overall camera quality.

Women/Men On Offer

Women/Men On Offer Review

Let’s face it; standard live sex cam sites have, at best, a “BDSM” category, which doesn’t come close to covering the wide variety of kinks available. WhiplrPlayground is a site that focuses on kinks, and the categories reflect that. Who could resist a click on “Anal Training”, or perhaps you’d more be in the mood for the performers who specialise in “Humiliation” or “Electrosex”? They’re all right there to choose from on WhiplrPlayground, so you can filter your appetite’s content without having to compromise on finding exactly the cam girl you need.


Costs Review

Payments are debited from your Whiplr app account, so you can monitor your outgoings as you see fit. Some of the performers are available for “free” within the app, so follow the instructions to see as much as you want on WhiplrPlayground.


Languages Review

WhiplrPlayground is available in English, Spanish, German, Polish, and many more besides, so whatever your preference, you can surf the site and find lashings of delight without having to worry about the language barrier.

Customer Service

Customer Service Review

Should you run into a problem, there’s a comprehensive refund policy available and a WhiplrPlayground FAQ that can help handle your queries. The Customer Support Centre helps to fix any issues you’re experiencing, so you can indulge your safe, sane, and consensual needs, content in the knowledge there’s plenty of customer backup should you ever have reason to need it.

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